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“When I started coaching with Dr Kaur, I was in the deepest and longest emotional suffering that I had ever endured in my life. Even my twice a week therapy sessions with a counsellor were no longer improving my emotional well-being. I needed some kind of direction to help pull me out of the dark place that I remained stuck in for months.

Dr Kaur has given me that guidance I was desperately looking for. My hope was immediately restored after our first coaching session together. Sometimes I feel as though connecting again with Dr Kaur has figuratively saved my life and I’m not sure where I would be right now if I had not!”


“In probably 25 years of my personal experience with mental health practitioners of many types, Dr Kaur has been the most effective in helping me determine, define and address my issues. She is easy to talk with and is brilliant. She is probably the most disarming extremely smart person I’ve ever met. In a session, she is always focused on me and my circumstances. She is always present. Dr Kaur is helping me understand issues that have plagued me, literally, for decades. I give my strongest recommendation of Dr Kaur.”


Dr Kaur’s coaching has continuously helped me to improve myself and my business. She quickly understands my issues and always provides great ideas and solutions. She has helped guide me through both good and bad times. I’m confident that she will be able to help me with anything that life throws at me. I’m extremely happy that Dr Kaur is on my team and would highly recommend her.”


“Dr Kaur helped me dive through my own motivations and anxieties to reach a more peaceful place. Instead of trying to ‘fix’ me, she helped me figure out what was going on in my own brain. This helped me to identify what motivators and influences were harmful, and what to do when I found myself going down a harmful thought-process. She’s a homie.”