Money Makes You Happy – is a Myth

In my initial paperwork for counseling and coaching new clients, almost 80% of the people list the following as one of their goals: “I just want to be happy.” I then help them define [...]

How to break toxic emotional patterns

You experience the world the way YOU are, not the way the world is. You will have to change your narrative and the story you have been telling yourself. You will have to drop [...]

8 Signs of Unhealthy Pride

Being proud of yourself and achievements can be a sign of healthy self-worth. However, pride also has a way of keeping you stuck in a vicious cycle of negative mindset. In this episode you [...]

7 C’s of Emotional Resiliency

Emotional resilience takes time and effort. You just don’t wake up emotionally resilient one day. It is a skill that is mindfully acquired and practiced often so you can get good at it. But [...]

Attitude of Gratitude

Being grateful on daily basis can change your brain chemistry from being pessimistic and negative to optimistic and positive. Let's explore why it's important and how you can practice on daily basis [...]

Benefits of Being in the Now

I would admit that being in the now can be hard and it takes practice. It is much easier to keep yourself busy so things that bother you or are hard to face do not [...]

Can lack of self-love hurt your self-worth?

Do you condemn, blame, or neglect yourself? Here is what William Shakespeare would say:, “Self-love, mu liege, is not so vile a sin, as self-neglecting.” In today’s society, high expectations at work, home, and in [...]

Search for Truth – Coping with Existential Depression

Before we begin exploring coping strategies for existential depression, please read my previous post here on what existential depression is if you’re not familiar with it. Strategies for Coping with Existential Depression Embrace the Pain Let’s just [...]