Introductory Statement

If you are assuming yourself to be an all-rounder, leading an absolutely comfortable and happy life having no worries and tensions, then my friend, you are living in a fool’s paradise. If you aren’t then it’s high time you start thinking on yourself, on the ways to overcome your worries and anxieties. It’s time to consult a Life Coach or indulge in Life Coaching!

Days pass and your desires are buried with them. Have you ever thought to yourself that if given one opportunity to fulfill your wishes, what would you do? Where would you go? This is your turn. Life coaching lets you re-discover your inner self and gives you the chance to fulfill your unfulfilled dreams.

Life Coaching- What does it say?

Life Coaching leaves no stone unturned to make possible every significant change in your life. It is a practice to bring about a meaning in your stale and boring life. You get to come out of the mediocre zone and live with open arms. Life coaching concentrates more on your present and your future rather giving much importance on your past ventures. After all, it is your past that has brought you to this point where you are now, then why to delve into that unnecessarily. Universally, it is considered to take care of all the areas surrounding your living, your career, family, social life, health, relationships, wealth and happiness.

Life Coaching is not everyone’s cup of tea. You require a life coach to guide you, boost your morale, inspire you and encourage you, but a life coach will never ever tell you what to do. That is something you have to figure out yourself. The job of a life coach is to use certain instruments such as listening actively, good interaction, questioning, and evaluation to direct you towards your desired goals. You have to set the pace, take the required decisions and make the necessary changes in your life to achieve your set goals.

I am a life coach and believe me, we are here to push you for the better in your life but you have to make the effort!

How do you go about it?

The procedure of life coaching is quite simple, but a bit lengthy.

First, you will have to fill up a questionnaire where you will have to rank each phase of your life from 1 to 10.

Second, you need to circle the area that depicts your present state and the area that tells you about your future aims. If at this age, you are unable to plan your future then that’s okay! It happens! You are not God that you’ll be able to predict your future, right! It can be worked upon during the life coaching sessions.

Third, a life coach will either have a face to face regular interaction with you or through a video call or a phone call. During these sessions, the life coach will question you on your present state and future expectations from your life. These discussions between you and your life coach will aim at your performance to achieve the next level of improvement before the next session.

Let me explain with a simple example of today’s individual. Imagine! You want to lose 20 lbs of weight. The life coach will lay out an action plan having the specific dates on which the client will work out, also laying out the number of exercises per day, with a proper diet chart for the coming week. In the next session, last week’s results will be discussed and another action plan will be made for the following week. Upon the completion of each session, each level will increase with the focus being only on results.

Ways differentiating it from Therapy

Life coaching is often considered as same as Therapy. If that was the case, then the therapist degree would have been given to a life coach. But obviously, that’s not how it goes.

Life Coaching is conducted specifically for shaping your future, whereas Therapy concentrates on your past moments and your ways of dealing with it. A coaching session involves the equal participation of both the client and the life coach to achieve mutual results. But Therapy takes place between a patient and a therapist following a proper therapy module.

There lies another base for the distinction that usually clients (including you) are unaware of. A life coach generally offers the first consultation free of cost so that you openly discuss with him or her about your present and arrive at the conclusion whether coaching is meant for you. This even gives you the chance to figure out whether that particular life coach is right for you or not.

In what ways can it benefit you?

Working with a life coach is an indication that your positive days are on their way. Your life is set to change for the better.

A life coach will help you in all possible ways to boost your self-confidence by making you overcome your phobias and taking decisions outside your comfort zone.

It lets you break all restrictions or boundaries that you might have built in and around yourself. You become creative and begin to take charge of almost everything rather than taking the backseat that you would do earlier.

Ultimately, proper life coaching will let you lead a healthier and happier life by letting you introduce changes in your mundane routine.

Begin looking at your life in a more positive way!

Success begins in the mind. Do away with your past life regressions and move on. Time is not going to wait for even a second and so you need to pull up your socks and start welcoming life with a smile on your face. Face the challenges with full spirit and experience this roller-coaster ride in full swing.

Ever had a wonderful experience in life coaching? Share your experience with me in the comment section below. Looking forward to it!