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Do you….

  • Feel stuck and lost?
  • Desire more happiness, and contentment from life?
  • Know what you want to achieve but not sure how?
  • Procrastinate and get stuck in the details when starting a new project?
  • Wish to have the fulfilment of your relationships?
  • Feel life is good but you want to make it even better?

Then my individually tailored coaching is for you. I work with my clients to tackle the above-listed goals and much more in these programs. My education and experience in mental health and natural tendency to pay close attention to details really equip me to find unhealthy patterns and self-limiting beliefs in my clients’ psyche to help them get unstuck and achieve great successes.

Life Coaching Programs

You will (What can you expect?):

  • Feel in control and grounded.
  • Become aware of the gifted tendencies that are impacting you socially and emotionally.
  • Learn new and cutting-edge coping techniques unique to your needs
  • Understand the underlying malfunctioning patterns that are contributing to your distress
  • Learn to create new healthy beliefs that promote health and growth mindset

Life Coaching Program Details

Length: 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months.

Who: These private tailored coaching programs are for really beneficial for high school students, young adults, and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, life transitions, work/life balance, perfectionist tendencies, self-criticism, over-analyzation, and social anxiety.

What: Privately tailored coaching programs are designed to each client’s unique needs. I work with clients to assess their needs and create interventions unique to their needs to achieve their identified goals. Generally come with a weekly session, email support, SOS calls, personalized resources and worksheets to support the growth of the coachee. The initial session is designed to get a really good understanding of what is going on and setting realistic achievable goals depending on the package the client chooses. The whole focus is to help my clients get to their end goals.

Why: My coaching programs really enhance the quality of my clients’ lives. They become emotionally grounded and aware of the malfunctioning beliefs at play. They learn coping strategies unique to their struggles.

Cost: Since these programs are tailored to each of my client’s needs, the amount of support needed can be adjusted along with the cost. Please apply for the program below if you are interested in investing in yourself and I will get back with you to set up an initial consultation.

Where: Most of my coaching programs are distant (video or phone) but can be done in person at my practice location: 212 Rt 38, suite 200, Moorestown NJ 08057.  I provide online coaching or distant coaching, a life coach in Moorestown, life coach Philadelphia area, and even life coach NJ.

Dr. Gurpreet Kaur - Certified Professional Life Coach


I am Dr Gurpreet Kaur, Founder of Living Excellence Today. I am a licensed professional counsellor, a coach, and a speaker. I provide individual and group counselling and coaching to gifted adolescents and adults. Some of the concerns I work with include self-criticism, self-esteem/worth issues, idealism, perfectionist tendencies, over-analyzation, social anxiety, and feelings of inadequacy. I apply a unique holistic approach grounded in Mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural techniques, positive psychology, and existential psychology to counselling and coaching. My clinical specialities include anxiety disorders and mood disorders.

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Please fill out the following application to work with me. Once I receive your application, I will be in contact with you to schedule a phone consultation to determine next best steps for you.