What To Expect From Mental Health Counseling

What should someone expect from mental health counseling? A question I  get quite often as a mental health professional. There are many types of counselors out there, but this article will focus on licensed professional counselors.  If you just booked your first visit- congratulations! If you're thinking about booking your first visit- also congratulations. You [...]

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Leave Burnout Behind: 6 Ways You Can Reignite Your Life

Do you want to leave burnout behind? Know what it is first. Burnout is a state of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion that results from overextending oneself physically, mentally, or emotionally. It is characterized by a lack of interest in previously enjoyed activities, feelings of cynicism and detachment from work, and a sense of ineffectiveness. [...]

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10 Reasons Why You Feel “Not Good Enough”

Why would you not know that you are good enough? Feeling "not good enough" is more common than you would think. As a new mental health professional, I was surprised to find out that more than 90% of my clients expressed "I don't feel good enough," "Why am I not good enough, "Am I good [...]

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Emotional Health Through Writing

Who knew that writing could be a free therapy? When it comes to emotional health, you have to come to the right side of the brain. Left-brain uses logic, rationalization, and reasoning. Right-brain, on the other hand, stores emotions, feelings, abstractness, and intuition. These are all the things that are often suppressed in today’s “scientific” [...]

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How to Face Fear with Courage

Often we think of courage as something big or a heroic deed you do to save the world. Following is the definition of courage from Merriam Webster: mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty. Courage to me is to have the strength of speaking your mind without the fear [...]

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