Hello There!!! I am Dr. Kaur at Living Excellence Today.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a life coach committed to helping you realize your true worth.

Through Living Excellence Today, I strive to provide tips, tricks, and powerful, actionable strategies to help you grow and leave overwhelms, anxiety, and insecurities behind so you never feel like you’re “not enough.”

I teach individuals how to embrace their whole Self to find their true worth and ever-lasting confidence. The journey to embracing your whole self often starts with realizing that I am overworked, unhappy, spent, and unsatisfied with life.

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Stress Be Gone: Mindfulness Techniques for Everyday Stressors 

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“What you seek is seeking you”
– Rumi



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How often do you feel overwhelmed with all the tasks and duties across the board? You take on more and more on your shoulders and end up feeling anxious and worrying about everything. The time runs through your hands, and you just don’t get enough hours per day?

Many of my clients come to me with these problems. We all want to achieve more, to get more. Yet our desires often hit roadblocks on the way to the reality that we can’t explain. Usually, these roadblocks are of emotional or psychological nature.

My Doctorate research in Counseling Psychology combined the Principles of Quantum Mechanics with Psychology. The clash of these seemingly uncombinable sciences brought me to the discovery of significant similarities that make understanding how the world functions so much easier. I am excited to be sharing this knowledge with my clients.

You must take care of yourself before taking care of the world. Learn how to fill your own cup first! Be selfish in a good way. My most profound belief based on experience is that you can’t give love, empathy, happiness, or create something great unless you can give that to yourself. Learn to love yourself. Learn to put yourself first. Put your own mask first to start enjoying your life!

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5 stars

Dr Kaur’s coaching has continuously helped me to improve myself and my business.

Cream Ridge, NJ

5 stars

Dr Kaur helped me dive through my own motivations and anxieties to reach a more peaceful place.

Mount Laurel, NJ

5 stars

Dr Kaur is the most effective in helping me determine, define and address my issues.

Rhinecliff, NY

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