Social anxiety is taken as a social phobia among some of us. Some call it as social phobia while some call it as a social deficiency. Many are surprised when they learn to have been diagnosed with social anxiety.

Social Anxiety is the fear of attending social gatherings or even interacting with people other than family and friends. A significant percentage of us suffer from social anxiety, of which some are undergoing treatment while some are not getting the adequate treatment. It may be because we feel to be shy and introvert, while some think they lack sufficient social skills.

Hence, when social anxiety gets persistent, then social anxiety treatment and therapy might turn out to be useful in tackling this issue and even inculcate various coping techniques.

4 signs that show you might be dealing with social anxiety and not just shyness

1.  You skip occasions you are keen on, only because you feel awkward

There are activities which interest you or even there are social occasions which you might want to attend such as joining dance classes or attending an opera, but you do not, think that it might look stupid and incredibly childish. You feel that you will look silly compared to the others. If there is a performance event, all the more you don’t go because you are scared.

2.  You decide the event to be useless, just because you are hesitant in going

Another instance is that only because, you are reluctant to attend that particular event such as dance classes, you decide and convince yourself that dance classes are useless and a complete waste of time. Even though, deep down you know that it’s entirely the opposite.

3.  A slight change in your looks and you stop going out and meet people in fear

God forbid there is a pimple on your face as you wake up from sleep or yourhaircut has become shorter than you wanted it to be, you automatically assume that people will make fun of you or people will bully you, even though its all in your mind.

4.  You think no one can be friends with you

A new environment is always scary. Its right, you need time to get involved with new people. You think that you will be left out as no one will be friends with you, but you fail to realize that this can happen because you do not approach anyone on your own.

If any the above descriptors seem like you, I urge you to look for treatment for social anxiety. Try not to trap yourself in an atmosphere where you do want to be in, just because you believe you have no different alternatives. Proper therapy and counseling imparted by me here at Living Excellence Today can help you cope with social anxiety and yield transformative outcomes.