America woke up to a different reality today. It certainly is very disappointing and frustrating for me to see what America chose to go with. I am not here to judge Trump and his supporters, but he was portrayed in a certain light, which is not so positive in my opinion. What saddens and disappoints me is that the majority of America gravitated towards that negative portrayal of sexism, racism, bigotry, misogyny, hatred, intolerance, fear, judgments, and ignorance.

The reality I witnessed that unfolded last night has shaken me to the core. I am a very optimistic person and see good in others, partially because of my professional training as a counselor/therapist. I believe all people are kind and loving at their core. I guess where it’s most disappointing for me is that I thought and felt we are past racism, hatred, sexism, and intolerance, and moving towards love, acceptance, tolerance, respect, appreciation, trust, and freedom. I am upset, sad, and disappointed to observe the opposite reality unfold along with many others.

I am not sure how can I console myself as I am preparing myself for a full day ahead of me to see clients with similar strong emotions whether negative or positive. All that comes to mind is to be optimistic again and to choose love over fear. The fear that we might go back to racism, sexism, and intolerance of the different. I am trying to tell myself that at least almost half of the nation chose to stick with equality. If I keep doing my part, love and acceptance might win over the hatred and fear next time. Not judging those who chose to vote for Trump that they are wrong. I feel they are scared of the unknown and want to stand at the safe harbor instead of exploring wild waters of love and freedom, which I witness in my work everyday. And I am consoling myself to do the same now that I am in this reality. May we all find the strength within ourselves to choose love, peace, equality, and freedom J