Money Makes You Happy – is a Myth

In my initial paperwork for counseling and coaching new clients, almost 80% of the people list the following as one of their goals: “I just want to be happy.” I then help them define happiness, break it down what it looks like for them, what it feels like for them, because it is very [...]

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How to break toxic emotional patterns

You experience the world the way YOU are, not the way the world is. You will have to change your narrative and the story you have been telling yourself. You will have to drop the excuses that keep you stuck in the same toxic emotional patterns. If you are ready, this episode is for [...]

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8 Signs of Unhealthy Pride

Being proud of yourself and achievements can be a sign of healthy self-worth. However, pride also has a way of keeping you stuck in a vicious cycle of negative mindset. In this episode you will learn about the signs that show if unhealthy pride is present in your behaviors. Check out this episode and [...]

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7 C’s of Emotional Resiliency

Emotional resilience takes time and effort. You just don’t wake up emotionally resilient one day. It is a skill that is mindfully acquired and practiced often so you can get good at it. But how to build emotional resilience? In this episode, you will learn about Dr. Ginsburg’s 7 C’s of being resilient and [...]

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Conquering overthinking, self-criticism, and negative self-talk in 4 easy steps

Whenever we talk about emotional resilience, over thinking the problem, criticizing yourself for the problem, and talking negatively to yourself can hinder the process. They all are different forms of just being hard on yourself, which is associated with perfectionism. In this episode you will learn 4 easy steps to cope with all of [...]

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How to work with repressed emotions for pivoting

Being able to pivot as fast as you can is very important for emotional wellness. Repressed emotions can really catch you off guard when you are trying your best to be emotionally fit. In this episode, you will learn two habits you can practice today to start your journey of becoming emotionally resilient. [...]

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3 easy steps you can take today to ease that mom guilt in your self-care journey

Mom guilt can be crippling and dangerous to mother’s well-being. Not many of us know how to deal with mom guilt and what is mom guilt anyway. The truth is that only a healthy mom can fully be present for her child. Try these 3 easy ways on how to overcome mom guilt so [...]

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Can lack of self-love hurt your self-worth?

Do you condemn, blame, or neglect yourself? Here is what William Shakespeare would say:, “Self-love, mu liege, is not so vile a sin, as self-neglecting.” In today’s society, high expectations at work, home, and in relationships leave no room for an individual to be with her/himself. It is almost like we are running around for [...]

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Search for Truth – Coping with Existential Depression

Before we begin exploring coping strategies for existential depression, please read my previous post here on what existential depression is if you’re not familiar with it. Strategies for Coping with Existential Depression Embrace the Pain Let’s just tackle the most difficult part of living with existential depression: the pain of existence. You cannot take a painkiller for [...]

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Why intelligent people suffer from existential depression?

What is Existential Depression? When one goes through a trauma--a death of a loved one, a job loss, natural disaster, for example-it is understandable that the individual experiences distress because her life and the world disintegrates. The person might become sad, despaired, angry, and even bitter towards life. Things don’t have the same meaning that [...]

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5 Subtle Signs of Declining Mental Health

Today, I share with you obvious but subtle signs that indicate the early signs of a psychological health issue so that you can find a way to prevent symptoms from forming into more complicated mental disorder. It is hard to get a status on your mental health because it doesn’t show in your blood report [...]

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Mental Health Counseling: How it works and its benefits

Looking for a counselor can be intimidating for anyone especially for someone who has not done it before. High Fives!!! You at least are aware enough to seek help. You are not alone. Check out some facts on mental illness. For most, it is normal to connect mental health counseling with this proverbial couch, with [...]

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Understanding and Fulfilling the various Emotional Needs of a Child?

When talking about the emotional needs of a child, love and affection are the primary things that ring a bell. It is natural that we adore our children and, come what may, you always want them to be protected from misery. However, as a parent, you must know what else do they require? How can [...]

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Questions to help you pick your next therapist!

The Prologue Choosing a therapist is no big deal nowadays. You’ll find a therapist, or call her a counselor in colloquial terms, in every nook and corner, but the question is whether you have found the right one for yourself. Whether the one you have chosen is perfect as per your concerned issues? Being a [...]

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How to Face Fear with Courage

Often we think of courage as something big or a heroic deed you do to save the world. Following is the definition of courage from Merriam Webster: mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty. Courage to me is to have the strength of speaking your mind without the fear [...]

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Reflections of Relationships

Your relationships and people in your life are trying to tell you something. Pay attention if you want satisfying relationships and peace of mind! Relationships are hard to understand, make, and to maintain. A lot of my clients have trouble doing all the above. So I thought I would write something about the nature of [...]

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