I am deeply saddened to learn about the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain in the same week. I still remember Robin Williams’ death and my clients taking up their sessions to talk about his death and the impact they felt. The same happened this week as a lot of my clients talked about Kate Spade. I tried providing strength to my clients as I was struggling to comprehend it. But to learn about Anthony Bourdain today, was crushing. More than the deaths, I am saddened by their choice to commit suicide. Many questions run through my mind as I am trying to make sense of these incidents with heavy heart and teary eyes:

  • What really could be bothering them that they didn’t have any other solution than taking their lives?
  • If a celebrity and rich person like them is that unhappy, what chance does a daily grinder have at life?
  • What life issue could be really bigger than their lives that made feel trapped?
  • Did they reach out for help?
  • Could someone save them, tell them that they matter, or show them the light?
  • Why did they want to cease their existence?
  • Is existence really this hard?

These questions are even hitting home closer because I am a counselor/therapist. I all the time sit across individuals who feel there is no other way but to take their life. Most recent one was in Feb and now he is “happy, content, and at peace.” I get great satisfaction out the work I do, but I realize more needs to be done not just by counselors or therapists but also by everyone to not shame the mental health issues.

Depression is a disease and isolation is one of the worst symptoms of this disease. If you are hurting and feeling depressed, please please get help!

Following are some links to my blogs that could be of a help but not to replace real time counseling or therapy: