15 Easy Stress Management Techniques You Can Practice Today

15 Easy Stress Management Techniques You Can Practice Today Stress can be described as mental or emotional pressure. Our body responds to any change, whether physical or emotional. Stress causes a significant imbalance in the body. Therefore, you should learn to live with stress instead of letting it take over your life. The following are [...]

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8 Warning Signs You Might Be Experiencing Chronic Stress

The symptoms of stress are often overlooked because they can be so subtle. It's important to recognize them, though, because only then will you know when the time is right for you to take a break and recharge your mind and body. Chronic stress affects your physical and mental health: Chronic stress can have a [...]

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Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain in the same week?

I am deeply saddened to learn about the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain in the same week. I still remember Robin Williams’ death and my clients taking up their sessions to talk about his death and the impact they felt. The same happened this week as a lot of my clients talked about [...]

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Why intelligent people suffer from existential depression?

What is Existential Depression? When one goes through a trauma--a death of a loved one, a job loss, natural disaster, for example-it is understandable that the individual experiences distress because her life and the world disintegrates. The person might become sad, despaired, angry, and even bitter towards life. Things don’t have the same meaning that [...]

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Ten Simple Ways to Feel Adequate About Appearance

Being satisfied with what you look like can appear to be tuff in this present appearance-driven society. The media sustains you consistent messages such as “does your skin look like this” or “do you wish to have a figure like this,” breeds dissatisfaction in you. Trust me, Feeling pleased with your appearance is the ultimate [...]

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Questions to help you pick your next therapist!

The Prologue Choosing a therapist is no big deal nowadays. You’ll find a therapist, or call her a counselor in colloquial terms, in every nook and corner, but the question is whether you have found the right one for yourself. Whether the one you have chosen is perfect as per your concerned issues? Being a [...]

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Know your legal rights when working with a mental health problem

Mental health issues contribute to a major extent in disturbing your daily routine. These issues can actually pose a great impact on your working ability than any other illness does. Receiving an adequate source of income and earning goodwill in the workplace can divert you from your mental health issues. Often your work gets affected [...]

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Emotional Health Through Writing

Who knew that writing could be a free therapy? When it comes to emotional health, you have to come to the right side of the brain. Left-brain uses logic, rationalization, and reasoning. Right-brain, on the other hand, stores emotions, feelings, abstractness, and intuition. These are all the things that are often suppressed in today’s “scientific” [...]

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7 Ways You Haven’t Tried to Avoid SAD

Do you feel the chilly winds and freezing temperature today? And it is not even the beginning yet. Technically we are not even in winter yet. Empty streets, fallen leaves, barren trees, gray skies, and chilly winds can be sad. Seasonal Effective disorder (SAD) affects over half a million Americans and 60-90% of them are [...]

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