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Dr. Kaur is a licensed professional counselor and a coach. Her specialty includes applying a holistic approach to counseling & coaching that integrates quantum physics principles. She also specializes in serving the emotional and social needs of highly-intellectual and gifted (yet often misunderstood) segment of the population to help them with their emotional intensity, self-criticism, moral sensitivity, self-esteem/worth issues, idealism or perfectionist tendencies, over-analyzation, and feelings of inadequacy.

From Overwhelmness to Peace

Do you ever feel like you are about to lose it if one more thing is added to your to-do list? I like my to-do list, but it can produce a lot of anxiety and make me doubt my ability to achieve my goals. I feel overwhelmed and chaotic when I don't have internal control. [...]

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Stop the Blame Game

Stop the Blame Game When you are hurt, it is tempting to place blame on others to make yourself feel better.  However, blaming things outside of yourself takes away your power.  Instead of helping us feel empowered and in control, blaming keeps you in the role of ‘victim’.  Holding things, circumstances, or people responsible for [...]

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Self-Love through Appreciation

Self-Love through Appreciation: 3 Easy Steps You Can Take Today Sometimes we get so caught up in the world around us that we forget to pay attention to the vast world inside of us, the place where everything is born. Creativity, strength, inspiration, and compassion are just few gems found when you start to look [...]

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Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift: Changing your lens Changing your thought patterns and beliefs is at the center of growth and development. However, change is difficult. One of the biggest exercises I teach my clients is to change the lens through which they look at themselves and at the world. I remind them that whatever lens they are [...]

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